About Us

    Chi siamo - Twin Systems

    More than 12 years of Experience in the Design and Installation of Aluminum Fixtures

    In 2008, a group of leading companies in the distribution of aluminum frames intuited the evolution of the window and door market and founded the AlluSistemi Consortium. The goal of the Consortium is to design, promote and distribute new high-performance products, in line with building and energy-saving regulations, that would allow the creation of all types of high-quality aluminum frames with a modern design.

    This is how Twin Systems founded and patented a system for creating all kinds of solutions for:

    • Windows
    • Hinged doors
    • Sliding Doors
    • Interior Doors
    • Mechanical and structural curtain walls

    In 2015, the success of Twin Systems products led the AlluSistemi Consortium to adopt the new name of Twin Systems Consortium and to strengthen its organization by creating an operational headquarters in Rome. The Rome office has a marketing, sales, technical and administrative structure to support both its members and their customers.

    TWIN SYSTEMS currently has 15 distributor members in Italy, with about 5,000 window and door frame customers. The companies in the Twin Systems group combine skills and specializations to offer end-customers complete, integrated solutions.